Our Services

Visit, Work or Live in Canada

Icentury Immigration Inc. offers a full range of immigration services for temporary or permanent residence under all categories, no matter if you plan to live in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa or any other city.

We are authorized by The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) to represent you in all immigration matters.

We advise on all applications including skilled worker, investor, entrepreneur, self-employed, and family sponsorships. We also advise on special provincial programs aimed at fast-tracking certain immigrants with specific work skills.

What we can do for your special needs:

Prior to Application Submission
  • assess client’s qualifications
  • advise the client with respect to Canadian Immigration Law
  • instruct client in steps to be taken
  • advise the client as to the most appropriate immigration stream to which they qualify
  • prepare and advise the client of the best plan or strategy in respect to the application
  • provide client with a checklist of information and documents required in support of application
  • advise client as to which documents are required in support of application
  • review and analyze documents received in support of clients’ education and training, work experience, and civil status
  • advise the client whether additional evidence is required
  • act in the best interests of the client within the limits of Canadian law
  • educate the client regarding the information and documents required for the preparation of the client’s application
  • guide the client through the process of obtaining medical and security clearances when required
  • guide the client through the application process and review all documents to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • complete the application forms to ensure that they best show the candidate’s qualifications
  • provide the client with drafts of all forms for review and sign off
  • work closely with the client to obtain evidence of employment which best represents the client’s experience, and which is consistent with CIC requirements
  • prepare a detailed cover letter, addressed to the appropriate CIC Visa Office, outlining the clients’ qualifications and supporting the client’s candidacy for a Canadian related Visa
  • cross-check documents against application forms to ensure consistency
  • conduct final review of the client’s application and related forms, supporting documents and Canadian Government processing fees
Application Submission
  • submit the client’s application package to the appropriate CIC Visa Office and verify its arrival
  • provide the client with his/her immigration file number (a letter issued by the Visa Office)
Post Application Submission
  • track the client’s file through the immigration process so as to facilitate the issuance of the related visa in a timely fashion
  • apprise the client on the progress of his/her application
  • keep the client updated on any progress on the client’s case and respond to all reasonable requests from and/or on behalf of the client
  • liaison between the Canadian Government and the client
  • intervene with Canada’s authorities in the event of any problems related to the processing of the application
  • handle all correspondence with CIC on the client’s behalf in respect to the client’s application
  • make additional written and/or oral representation to the CIC Office and/or to the other related Canadian Government agencies, as necessary
  • counsel the client in respect of his settlement and social, professional and intercultural integration
  • perform all duties on behalf of the client competently and in a professional and timely manner
Selection Interview
  • prepare the client in advance, if a Selection Interview with a CIC Officer is requested
  • make resources available to the client, prior to the selection interview, for the purpose of gaining pertinent visa
  • prepare the client in advance before appearing for the refugee claim/eligibility hearing at the IRB
  • represent the client in all hearings at the CIC/IRB in respect to the client’s application